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NHCCA Monthly Meeting

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NHCCA Monthly Meeting and Forum Held Every Second Tuesday of the Month at The McGuffey Center at 1649 Jacobs Rd. Youngstown, OH 44505 6:00pm-7:30pm

Northeast Homeowners and Concerned Citizens History

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The Northeast Homeowners Association (NHA) organized in November 1969 in the home of Warren and Iva Harrell. The members were parents of the Parent/Teachers Association of John White School. They were Mrs. Hilda (Mickey) Wilson, Mrs. Emily Parkman, Mrs. Caroline Augsburger, Rev. Fred Augsburger (Pastor of Berean Fellowship Church), located on Lansdowne Blvd., and Mr. Walter “Salty” Donnelly.


The parents formed to address the issues and concerns of education and the school facilities on the Eastside of the school district. We were also seeking a course of action to improve the property land zoning laws to the newly developed areas. The Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority (YMHA) was planning to purchase property to build additional public housing in tracts of land that were saturated with housing projects. The Association opposed YMHA’s program.


The Association’s first major encounter was with the Youngstown Board of Education on February 26, 1970. Meeting to improve the insolvent and faulty conditions of the Science Hill Junior High School. When over 200 parents presented a list of shortcomings to the members of the Youngstown Board of Education. The NHA requested that the school district repair the old fashion antiquated heating fixtures and remove the asbestos undercoating in the building. The administration indicated that there was not enough funds for the repairs in the budget. However, the Board voted to demolish Science Hill Jr. High building and expand the grade levels at North High School.


In 1970, the members of the Association supported the reorganizing of the North High School Athletics Booster Club, under the leadership of Alvin Charity and Ernest Height. When supported, many of the school’s athletes enrolled in college and competed in the National Football League (NFL). Members of the Association were/are faithful and dedicated to improving the quality of life for strong and healthy families.


In 1980, members of the Association again protected the merging of North High School and East High School students into the East High School facilities. The building was in deplorable condition and had to be reconditioned before North High students would attend the school. The administration stated that the cost of repairs would cost about $180,000 and that monies were not available for such a building project. However, at the request and the precept of the members of the NHA and intervention from the Ohio State Board of Education, our Congressmen and U.S. Senators offices in Youngstown and Cleveland, $471,188 was allocated to refurnish East High School.


Down through the years the Association has been involved with the planning of the Supermax Prison, improved Jacobs Road Bridge over McKinley Lake, advocated for the extension of I680 (Hubbard Arterial) through the Eastside and supported Councilmen in the 1st and 2nd Ward with litter programs. NHA also supported the establishment of Block Watch Committees with Annie Hall and to reduce crime and improve roads. We have partnered Camp Fitch, The Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Ohio in their 2006 Summer Youth Program. The program assisted the elderly homeowners, from the ages 75-96 with exterior/interior house painting, window washing, general cleaning and yard work.


On January 12, 2006 NHA was authorized by the Internal Revenue Service a 501 (3) (c) status which enabled us to receive grants. We have been fortunate to receive grants from The Community Development Agency’s (CDA) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and The Raymond John Wean Foundation. These funds were used to install glass block windows, smoke detectors and purchase paint for the homes of our elderly citizens within the 1st and 2nd wards of the city. We also completed four Landscape Beautification Projects and have reached out to our Eastside youth with employment and a sense of neighborhood pride with our ten week Litter Control Program under the supervision of Annie Hall, Litter Control Supervisor.